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“Donna Greene is a dangerous woman. She makes you fall in love with her without ever having met her... there’s so much emotion in her voice.”

Donna Greene is that rare singer who can tear open a song with intelligence, passion and humor until she owns it completely. She brings her huge heart, voice and style to her eclectic repertoire of feisty blues, smokey jazz and down and dirty R&B.

She came out of nowhere, looking like she just stepped off a train in 1940, walked into a bar and started singing the blues. Her amazing voice goes from a sultry whisper to a sizzling howl of pain. She has a vintage flair that immediately recalls the glamour of the 1940’s and draws her audiences in with her sexy roadhouse style. She gets things rocking.

Lady Blue has been compared to a wide range of vocalists... Billie Holiday to Dinah Washington, Peggy Lee to Etta James to Eva Cassidy to Bonnie Raitt...but her style is her own and her voice is unlike anyone else’s. She takes classic songs you may have heard a million times and shows you something about them that makes you realize that, until then, you hadn’t really “heard” them.

Ms. Greene has been lauded in both the jazz and blues scenes for her sensuous personality and roadhouse energy that pulls the audience in and keeps them wanting more. Joining her on stage are the Roadhouse Daddies led by Greg ‘Snoots Noodlemyer’ Loeb, whose bio is a mile long. He’s traveled the world and played with some amazing and well-known musicians. Snoots and Lady Blue are joined by some of the top veterans in the music world.


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